Zafferano di Carbognano is a pure, top quality saffron, grown by our company in Umbria on the Tuscany border. Fine 1st Category spice, handcrafted from organic-regenerative agriculture, respecting the principles and techniques of organic cultivation, and completely excluding the use of chemical products. Every year we subject our Saffron to ISO 3632:10 analysis to guarantee the quality of all the properties of our product. The processing takes place entirely by hand, the result of great effort and dedication.

What is saffron

Saffron is a spice widely used in cooking to flavor foods, desserts and drinks, but also in medicine for its many beneficial and healing properties. What perhaps many do not know, being used to purchasing this spice in the form of powder or pistils, is what it comes from. Saffron is in fact obtained by drying the pistils of a beautiful purple flower belonging to the Iridaceae family. It is a crocus, whose scientific name is Crocus sativus. To obtain saffron from this perennial herbaceous plant, only the three filaments inside the flower, the stigmas, which have an orange-reddish colour, are used. To produce one kg of dry saffron, approximately 200,000 flowers are harvested manually in approximately 500 hours of work. That’s why this spice is so expensive. Its famous name certainly derives from this characteristic and its typical intense colour: “red gold”.